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It is my pleasure to recommend Lynn Crump-Caine and Outsidein Consulting, as an outstanding business consultant. I have found Lynn to be thoughtful, fully engaged, and results focused. I hired Lynn to assist me in improving my operating processes (daily operating routines, performance management system, procurement processes, etc.) and bottom line. I wanted to increase my operating margin as well as consider opening another restaurant. She first worked with me to develop long term strategy for my business and then helped me establish short term goals with targeted action steps. I was also in need of help to implement my plans, so Outsidein brought in two additional resource people to help with implementation and training. About a year later, I was ready to open my next restaurant…and did.

During our engagement, I never once felt that I was not in control. I simply felt that I had a thought partner with deep experience to help guide me in making my business more efficient. She took the time to understand me and my business, and then provided tangible solutions and recommendations. Over time, I achieved a three point margin improvement, and created an enhanced people and operating framework, as a result of the changes recommended by Outsidein. Lynn is a straight shooter and a great communicator. I was very fortunate to have her as my business coach.

Restaurant Owner